Fonthill Platform Tennis Club

About FTPC

The Club’s mandate is to promote and encourage participation in Platform Tennis in Fonthill and the entire Niagara Region while providing a venue for men’s, women’s, mixed, senior and junior programming. The Fonthill Platform Tennis Club provides league play, both social and competitive, five nights per week from September until May including men’s social and competitive, mixed social and competitive, women’s social and competitive, senior and junior leagues. In addition, weekend scrambles provide an opportunity to bring together experienced, new and prospective members to engage in tournament style play encouraging social interaction, practice and skill development.

 Scheduled League Play

Monday Evening
Monday Evening
Tuesday Evening
Thursday Morning
Thursday late Afternoon
Thursday Evening
Friday Evening
Men’s Recreational Play
Women’s Recreational Play
Mixed Recreational Play
Women’s Recreational Play
Junior Program
Men’s Competitive Play
Mixed Social Play

Other non league pickup games occur during free times throughout the week.

Platform Tennis Equipment

The Court

The court is a rectangle 44 feet long and 20 feet wide, laid out on a deck with a playing area 60 feet by 30 feet which is enclosed by a screen 12 feet high. The screen is held taut by a superstructure around the perimeter of the deck. Screens are made of 1 inch hexagonal galvanized or plastic coated wire mesh.


The Ball

The ball is a rubber ball with flocking, conforming to APTA specifications for diameter, weight and bounce.

The Paddle

The paddle is a maximum of 18 inches in overall length. The paddle is perforated with up to 87 holes of a maximum of 3/8 inch diameter. The surface of the paddle may be textured.